Using Quix on the iPhone

Quix will work nicely with Safari on your iPhone too. There’s two ways of getting the Quix bookmarklet on your iPhone: syncing from your desktop, or adding it directly.

Syncing bookmarks to your iPhone

The easiest way of getting the bookmarklet on your iPhone is to bookmark it and then:

  1. go into iTunes
  2. click on your iPhone
  3. click Info
  4. scroll down, after Contacts and Calendars you’ll see Web Browser
  5. check the box:

iTunes bookmark sync

Adding it directly to your iPhone

A bit more work but you can do this straight on your iPhone when you don’t want to sync bookmarks:

  1. go to this URL
  2. bookmark it (press +)
  3. tap on the bookmark icon (next to the + sign) and tap edit in the lower left
  4. select the URL and scroll to the left of it
  5. remove from it
  6. tap on Done and (surprise!): you’re done!

Autocorrect and spelling suggestions

Unfortunately, there’s no way to disable auto correct and spelling suggestions for a javascript prompt like Quix uses, other than turning the feature off entirely, which is probably not what you want. This will mean a bit more caution is needed when typing commands. Quix usually deals well with the auto capitalized first letter of a command, so don’t worry about that.

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