Quix & iCab Mobile

iCab, on your Mac, iPad and iPhoneiCab is an alternative browser for your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Installing Quix on iCab on your Mac is just as easy as doing it in Safari: drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and: tada! You’re done.

iCab Mobile

iCab Mobile comes with a cool featured called modules, created because saving bookmarklets on your iPhone is far from easy. Of course we’ve packaged up Quix into such a module, if you want to install it, just click here.

Once you’ve installed it, you can even use it with your own command file. Go to settings, modules and you should see Quix there:

Tap on Quix and you can enter the URL to your own command file in there:

Enter your own command file URL

Have fun with Quix in your iCab!

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