Using Quix with FireFox

Drag the Quix bookmarklet to your bookmarksbar, right click it, select properties and type q as Keyword. Now you can type Ctrl-L (or ⌘-L if you’re on a Mac), type q, and the bookmarklet will open. If you’d rather not use your mouse but want to use all the functionality of Quix, this is the way to do it, or you can read ahead and give Quix a hotkey!

Quix settings in Firefox

Want to assign a hotkey?

If you want to be assign a hotkey to the Quix bookmarklet, there’s two options, either use an add-on called KeyConfig, or an add-on called SiteLauncher.


Follow these steps for SiteLauncher:

  1. Install the SiteLauncher add-on;
  2. Go into the SiteLauncher settings and insert the bookmarklets javascript (see below) into the appropriate box:
  3. Type your chosen Command Key, you’re done!

This is the javascript for the bookmarklet that you need to insert:


Follow these steps for KeyConfig:

  1. Install keyConfig (here’s a version that’ll work with newer versions of Firefox), this plugin let’s you change and add hot keys within Firefox.
  2. Quit Firefox.
  3. Find your profile folder:
    Operating system Profile folder location(s)
    Windows (XP & Vista) “%APPDATA%\Mozilla\”
    Unix/Linux ~/.mozilla/
    Mac OS X ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/

    If you still can’t find it, try this article.

  4. Open up prefs.js.
  5. Add the following line (assuming you have set the bookmark settings as above, with q as the keyword):
    user_pref("keyconfig.main.xxx_key__Quix", "!][][][if(window.loadURI) loadURI(getShortcutOrURI('q',{}));");
  6. Startup Firefox, go to Tools -> Keyconfig, find “Quix”, and assign a Shortcut, in my case ⌘-1:
    KeyConfig info
  7. If your shortcut gets a blue background, that means it’s used somewhere else, for instance my ⌘-1 was used for key_selectTab1, so I had to remove it there to make it work.
  8. Close your current window and open a new one, and enjoy fast access to Quix!

If you’re using another browser, find it in the browser list.

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